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Looking after your car can be a messy business that produces waste that does no good to the environment. Giant tyre piles in landfill can harbour disease carrying mosquitoes, represents a major fire hazard and poisons the environment.

At Tyrepower Hornsby we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and work hard to recycle everything possible: tyres, batteries, filters, paper and drink containers just to name a few. With as much waste diverted to recycling as possible, we have been able to reduce our weekly waste to less than a standard wheely bin.

Tyre Recycling

The Tyrepower Group was the first to partner with the national Tyrecycle organisation to stop tyres going to landfill. We have implemented an auditable recycling program that ensures all of your old tyres go into the recycling process. Shredding yields the rubbers, steel and fibres for new uses. For example, shredded rubber is now a key ingredient in the asphalt roadmix you drive on and soft-fall mats in pre-schools.


Every dead battery from Tyrepower Hornsby is recycled. For example your old car battery is full of useful lead that is used in the manufacture of new batteries in Australia.

Used Oil and Old Oil Filters

Used engine oil and lubricants from your car servicing is collected by a partner company that re-refines these valuable petroleum products for reuse. Oil filters are drained and the steel, paper and plastic are all recycled.

Paper and Plastics

We use the fortnightly Hornsby Council recycling collection for paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium drink containers.

Tyrepower Hornsby Recycling Service

At Tyrepower Hornsby, we are happy to take your old tyres, wheels and batteries for recycling. There is a small fee for tyres to cover the recycling charge but no cost for wheels and batteries. Recycling is much better for the environment than leaving them on the footpath for council collection into landfill.

Want More Information?

If you would like more information on our recycling programmes, check out the websites of our key partners:
- Tyre Recycling - Tyrecycle is the national organisation leading the tyre recycling initiative. www.tyrecycle.com.au
- Car battery recycling - Alex is our local scrap and battery recycling partner. He collects all waste metals and car batteries for recycling. The International Battery Council website has a good explanation of how car batteries are recycled - http://batterycouncil.org/?page=battery_recycling

Recycled Tyres
Recycled Tyres
Recycled Tyres

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For more information about Recycling at Tyrepower Hornsby, call us directly on (02) 9477 7117 or use the form to send us a message.

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