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Tips to Find the Right Car Repair Workshop

It can be hard to find the right car repair workshop when you are new to an area - you want to find the best balance of experience with your car and quality of work. You also want someone who does the job at a reasonable price and will not take too long repairing your car. In many ways this all boils down to trust.

Fear not, here are 3 tips to help you find the right car repair workshop:

Tip 1 - Check the internet

Start with a Google or Bing search for likely workshops in your area, then check their website. Google reviews give you real feedback from other customers. Look at the workshop website to see what cars they specialise in and the services they provide. Now you have a shortlist :-)

Tip 2 - Talk to Them on the Phone

A phone call is a quick way to get a feel for their business. How do they treat customers, are they busy (= popular), do they have experience with your car? You will probably be talking to the office person but they should know their business. Now you have one or two good candidates.

Tip 3 - Visit the Workshop

Once you have a good target, drop in for a chat. It will only take 10 minutes to see that the workshop is clean and tidy, busy and organised. Ask how they approach a service - fixed price or inspect the car to work up a plan. Be sure that you feel comfortable with the office person and mechanic. You can also watch how they treat their customers and whether they can explain a complicated problem in simple terms. Most importantly, trust your instinct.

We hope these simple tips help you find a great workshop. If you have any extra ideas, let us know and we can update this item to be more helpful.

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